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Wrestling for Everyone

 Our club member profile ranges from High School All-Americans to first year youth wrestlers.  Beginners are always welcome. Wrestlers who are new to the sport can build their way up to participating in the full two-hour class, if necessary.   


How We Can Help You

Our coaching staff focuses on a comprehensive system that prepares you to attack and defend in all three phases of the match.  Top, bottom, and neutral.  Our club members  also travel to several high level out of state tournaments during the off-season. 


2019 Early Fall Registration Open

The 2019 Fall Session Runs From 

Sunday September 1, 2019 to Tuesday November 26, 2019 and brings your H.S. wrestler right into the start of the 2019-20 season.


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Feel free to contact Coach Russell Lindsay with any questions or stop by to check out the facility!

Dungeon Training Center

285 Circuit Street, Hanover MA 02339

(781) 308-1910

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Russell Lindsay

5 Plantation Drive, Whitman MA 02382